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The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) requires anyone driving a commercial motor vehicle to undergo routine medical exams. If you’re due for your DOT physical, the doctors at Hermosa Medical and Diagnostic Center in Chicago, Illinois, can help. Click on the online scheduler or call to book your DOT physical. You can also be seen for a walk-in appointment during normal business hours for an evaluation.

DOT Physical Q & A

Why is a DOT physical important?

You need a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical, a routine medical exam, so you can maintain your commercial driver’s license (CDL). Undergoing regular DOT physicals is important to:

  • Ensure you don’t have any medical conditions that may affect your driving
  • Manage chronic health conditions, such as diabetes 
  • Check your vision and hearing

Because you meet with a physician regularly, generally every two years, DOT physicals can even help with early detection of health issues, including heart disease. 

What can I expect during a DOT physical?

When you come to Hermosa Medical and Diagnostic Center for your DOT physical, your doctor is required to perform several screenings and evaluations based on the Medical Examination Report Form. During your physical, your doctor:

  • Goes over your personal medical history
  • Evaluates your pulse and blood pressure
  • Calculates your body mass index (BMI)
  • Conducts reflex and neurological testing
  • Checks your vision and hearing 
  • Conducts an abdominal exam
  • Listens to your lungs
  • Evaluates your gait

A urinalysis is also a required part of the DOT physical. This screening looks for signs of medical issues, including poor kidney function and diabetes. 

If you have a known chronic health condition, such as diabetes, you may need additional screenings. Having a health issue means that your doctor at Hermosa Medical and Diagnostic Center needs to fill out a Medical Examiner’s Certificate Form to indicate that your condition is under medical management.

What do I bring to my DOT physical?

To help you prepare for your DOT physical at Hermosa Medical and Diagnostic Center, you’re going to need several pieces of information. It’s important to:

  • Make a detailed list of all medications you take
  • Ensure you have a valid state-issued identification card
  • Print out and review the Medical Examination Report Form
  • Gather medical records from specialists you see regularly (if applicable)

Lastly, since you’re going to need to provide a urine sample for your DOT physical, it’s often beneficial to plan to arrive at the clinic with a full bladder. 

Hermosa Medical and Diagnostic Center provides same-day DOT physicals. Book an appointment online or by phone, or stop by during business hours for a walk-in visit.