Onsite-Pharmacy Specialist

Hermosa Medical and Diagnostic Center

Urgent Care & Multi-Specialty Center located in Hermosa, Chicago, IL

Having access to a pharmacist who knows your health history is important for proper management of your medications. At Hermosa Medical and Diagnostic Center in Chicago, Illinois, you can meet with your physician and then go over to our onsite-pharmacy to pick up your medications — all under one roof. If you have questions about your medications or need a refill, you can book a pharmacy appointment online or by phone, or you can come in anytime to speak with a pharmacist.

Onsite-Pharmacy Q & A

What does an on-site pharmacy do?

The on-site pharmacy at Hermosa Medical and Diagnostic Center helps fill and manage your prescriptions while providing personalized medication counseling. The highly skilled pharmacists can:

  • Ensure your medications don’t interact with one another
  • Help you select safe over-the-counter medications
  • Educate you about how your medication works
  • Teach you about adverse drug reactions
  • Request refills from your doctor

The pharmacy team at Hermosa Medical and Diagnostic Center is dedicated to helping you enhance your health and wellness. They’re available any time you have questions or concerns about your medications. 

What are the benefits of an on-site pharmacy?

Your pharmacist is part of your in-house medical team at Hermosa Medical and Diagnostic Center. One of the greatest benefits of having access to an on-site pharmacy is convenience. Your doctor digitally transfers your script over to the pharmacy department in the same building. 

In many cases, by the time your doctor’s appointment and any necessary screenings are complete, your medication is ready for you to pick up. This saves you time and results in one less errand. 

When should I request to speak with a pharmacist?

Your doctor at Hermosa Medical and Diagnostic Center prescribes medications that are intended to improve your health and resolve any symptoms you’re experiencing.

While your physician may discuss some of the information about the medication with you, it’s the job of your pharmacist to discuss any concerns or questions in greater detail. 

It’s important to request a private pharmacy consult if you:

  • Have a history of drug allergies
  • Have other prescriptions filled at another pharmacy
  • Take over-the-counter medications or supplements
  • Are taking or using the medication for the first time

Your pharmacist can also help you with how to take or use your medication. For example, some medications need to be taken with food, while others require you to have an empty stomach. Your pharmacist counsels you about these details, so you can maximize the benefits and efficacy of your medications.

Hermosa Medical and Diagnostic Center is home to a leading on-site pharmacy. If you need pharmacy counseling, book a visit online or by phone, or come in to speak with a pharmacist during business hours.